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A Natural Outgrowth of the Invention ConventionTM Trade Show

Welcome to the Invention ConnectionTM Online CyberShow,
the Premier Invention Showcase and Networking Venue Featuring 100s of Inventions
available for Licensing, Investment, Sale, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, Partnerships, etc.
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Web www.inventionconnection.com

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  Featured Products Exhibitor Booth
Clip & HangTM Lisa Russac McDonough 526
The XT BandTM Sava Markovic 515
Bend AssistTM Donald Landry 512
Patient Task TrackerTM Tom Cerra 509
Portable Tabletop Art BinTM John Palumbo 505
World View TimeTM Dwight Darling 503
Dust ShieldTM Computer Cover Steve Shinkawa 492
Dry SpaceTM Jessie Hernandez 502
Internal Resonance SystemTM Jeff and Jan Ayers 487
Sportsmen's & Pet Owners Car Seat ProtectorTM Phil Moses 497
ShortBeltTM Shannon Anderson 504
The ShadecaseTM Christopher Bulzis 498
Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device Roderick Calhoun 495
Magic Corner Planter, Sconce or ShelfTM Thomas Kelly 493
Swivel Car SeatTM Connie Bendure and William Talerico 485
Swivel Curl BarTM Phillip Holloway and Steve Holloway 482
Gutter Clutter BusterTM Bob and Jean Kay 489
The Garden SaverTM Mitch Ferris 469
Mariah Country Soaps: Premium Goat Milk Soaps and LotionsTM Sheree Tompkins 479
Three-in-One EZ Canning SterilizerTM Beverly Hardy and Lillie Young 477
Handsfree Sani-PhoneTM Henry Sifuentes 470
Choice Panty LinerTM Laura Glenn 473
Lottery Home EditionTM Board Game Tim Presi 480
Beverage Container BeltTM Lorita Bolts 463
The Amazing Folding TableTM Robert Christians 460
Orthotebb Health ShoesTM Peter Smith 438
BathTub Foot ScrubbersTM Joe Perez 458
The Bag MasterTM Milton Goodwin, Inventor; Mario Powe, Partner 462
Spiffy Safety EyewearTM Dawn Martinez 457
Easy-OffTM Hair Brush Mitchell E. Anderson 452
Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM Ronald Sebetich 455
Trimmers Pro-MateTM Craig Mathis 453
Hide-A-SignTM Electronic Coach Joseph Fields 451
Cordless & Handsfree Soft-Bonnet Hair DryerTM Carmen Brown 427
BucketStopTM Paula Pingel, Business Partner 450
AcuRelieverTM Mark Stivers 445
Trash WhackerTM Steve Bolerjack 449
Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM Carmen Cassette 441
Safety GloTM Tire Treads Vernell Johnson 448
Toe Stub ProtectorTM Pastor Raymond Benson 447
Option Gloves and LinersTM Linda Richards 440
Cushy ComfortTM Christopher Baker 439
Tools Away® David Udy 436
Multipurpose Survival CaneTM Al Grassi 437
Medi-RingTM Frederick Hirth 433
Unisex Toilet SeatTM James Hacker 431
Stand-A-CoverTM Richard Brothers 430
Sandwich ShopTM James Douglas 428
Brewer TurbineTM Chris Brewer 429
Flood-ProtectTM Door Shield Andre Vaughn 424
EZ HolderTM & Qwik StrapTM Kevin Barnett 423
Hi"Genie"TM Cecil Lauffer 425
Time DotTM Fritz Braunberger 421

  Featured Products Exhibitor Booth
Foot SockerTM Robert Schrank 406
Golf StandTM Michael L. Young 422
GearmaxTM Equipment Packs Buck & Susan Albritton 363
Insta-LightsTM Alexi Padilla 419
Mother's 3rd ArmTM Margo Smith 374
JB Miracle SockTM Joyce Beaman 420
Quick LiftTM Post Remover and Barbed Wire Roller Daniel and Nancy Fritts-Saavedra 418
HealthGrip® Bill Rabello 417
Pooper ScooperTM Brooke Miller 415
Opti-Cool SunshadesTM Donald Samborski 416
Kitty Medic Box Daniel and Nancy Saavedra 413
Bliss Trips® Guided Journeys Kerstin SjoquistTM 408
Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid Patrick PriceTM 414
Pet OasisTM Thomas J. Segreto 411
Laundry BuddyTM Robert Gruennert 410
Metra Stress ReducerTM Dr.s Sandra Graves and Margaret Favata 407
Hand/Wrist Restorer Clyde E. Morgan, Jr. 367
Coffee Buddy® Floyd and Linda Bruce 372
Catalog-Ready Products Robert Schrank 401
Deck Spacer Michael Anderson 386
Frame E-Z ToolsTM Mark Orton 360
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Featured Resources Category
  PatWrite, Mark David Torche Patent Attorney  
  Connors & Associates Patent Attorney  
Review from Stefan Sojka, Australian Author/Writer
Upon arrival, you are greeted with the glowing and smiling face of founder Stephen Paul Gnass, who has been produced the Invention ConventionTM for almost a decade and a half. The site is pleasing to the eye and contains, besides the odd dead link, a large selection of inventions complete with pictures, since these products have alraedy made it past the "disclosure" stage. Besides being a powerful vehicle for inventors to display their wares, this site is a service for customers looking for the new products to either manufacture, market or distribute. As Executive Director of the National Congress of Inventor Organizations, Mr. Gnass has established a large network of contacts to get these gizmos "out there".

Verdict: This is the place to be seen if you are an inventor, and the place to go if you want to see the state of the art of idea-materialisation. Everything from real genius to tacky market void-filling can be found here.

NetWorth: 5 stars

By booth number By product name By exhibitor By category


Important Notice: Please note that the InventionConnection.com web site is strictly a premier showcase for inventions and is a networking venue where interested parties can find each other. The Invention ConnectionTM has been online for 10 years and the InventionConnection® and Invention Convention® have jointly been acting as networking venues for over 30 years. All exhibitors are independent entrepreneurs, small companies or individuals who represent themselves and can be directly contacted by interested parties. InventionConnection.com does not participate nor get involved in any transactions between buyers and sellers and does not receive any royalty percentages. Invention Connection® does not act as licensing agents, Invention ConnectionTM does not evaluate or market products, Invention ConnectionTM is not an invention development firm, and Invention ConnectionTM does not represent inventors nor take any percentages of royalties. The results of any contacts will vary for exhibitors depending on the merits of each invention, the experience of inventors in negotiating, what level of the invention process the inventor is at, what the inventor is looking for, as well as the dedication and commitment of the inventor, etc.

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The INVENTION CONNECTIONTM is the Official Cyberspace Show of NCIO

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